Our Trip to Texas

A Travel Log by Lena Huppler Bevers

October 13, 1919 to November 8, 1919

In the fall of 1919 Herbert and Lena Bevers moved their family from Watertown, South Dakota to Raymondville, Texas. It took 27 days to make the trip and each day Lena wrote a few sentences about their travels, such as the road conditions, the towns they traveled through, where they had dinner and where they stayed for the night.

Two years ago I realized that the one hundredth anniversary of Herbert and Lena’s trip was approaching. I began researching for the routes that they would have taken, and as I researched I gradually became aware that 1919 was in the midst of a very significant period of road development in the United States. Long distance travel by automobile was just becoming practical and advantageous for the general population.

Beginning on October 13, 2019, according to my best research efforts, my mother and I will drive the route Lena recorded in her log and each day I will post what I have learned about traveling in 1919 as well as what I learn about a few of the changes that have occurred in the century that has passed since Herbert and Lena made their trip to Texas. I hope that you will find the time period as interesting as I do.

To see Lena’s original travel log, click here: 1919 Lena Huppler Bevers’ Travel Log.

An Introduction to Lena Huppler

  • Born on January 15, 1872 in Switzerland
  • Immigrated with her parents to the USA in 1874
  • Parents: John and Anna Huppeler who died in 1875 in Wisconsin
  • Believed to be raised by a relative or local family near Sparta, Wisconsin
  • Moved to Codington County, South Dakota in 1886, possibly with her brother Christian Huppler or her cousin Kate Huppler Dellman
  • Married Herbert James Bevers on November 24, 1892 in Watertown, South Dakota
  • Children: Edgar, Clarence, Arthur, Willis, Florence, Helen, Hazel, Estella, Harold, Margaret
  • Resided in Roberts, Codington, Hamlin and Deuel Counties in South Dakota and in Cameron County, Texas
  • Wrote a travel log in 1919 when Herbert and Lena moved their family from Codington County, South Dakota to Raymondville, Texas
  • Died on December 9, 1943 and is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in Watertown, South Dakota

My Purpose for This Blog

Although I have had an interest in my ancestors for as long as I can remember, and I had collected a few stories and lists of relations, it wasn’t until all of my children had left home that I had a significant amount of time to devote to family history research. In 2010 I obtained a membership to a well-known genealogy website and began learning about the vast number of resources that are available on the Internet.

Subsequently, I started visiting historical societies, libraries and cemeteries. My collection of resources has grown and my knowledge of my ancestors continues to expand. I now desire to share what I have learned with my relatives and others who are interested in history. This blog is the avenue through which I can pass along the pieces of family history I have learned and highlight the legacies that have been left behind by our ancestors.

For your enlightenment and enjoyment,